Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Youth Speaker's Coach now on WordPress!

The Youth Speaker's Coach blog has been moved over to WordPress!

You can access the new blog home and follow all things YSC BY CLICKING HERE.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

COHORT Registration NOW OPEN for 2014/2015

If you want to improve your communication and speaking skills with students, join us for the COHORT beginning in September 2014. Registration is now open!

You can register BY CLICKING HERE!

Cohort members commit to participating in a monthly conference call for encouragement, training, and feedback. Each participant will submit a video of a recent message for the rest of the cohort to view and give feedback on. Monthly training topics include:


Message outline and structure
Biblical exegesis
Blocking, movement, and gestures

Refining your message
Best practices of preparation
Improved illustrations
Vocal & speech techniques of the pros
Openings & Closings
And more...

Finally, Cohort participants get the benefit of being a part of occasional "Master Class" calls facilitated by seasoned youth communicators, preachers, and teachers. Previous Master Class facilitators have included the likes of Josh Griffin, Richard Crisco, and Tommy Oaks (to name a few).

Participant skill levels range from newbie-speaker to seasoned-professionals and everyone in between. The only requirement is that you are currently communicating/preaching/speaking/teaching to students on a somewhat consistent basis.

A few reviews from those who have participated in the Cohort:

"The message evaluation I received was amazing! My communication to students was forever changed!"

"I love getting into discussion and training with so many different perspectives. I see communication in a whole new way."

"My favorite part was hearing from guys across the country about my speaking as well as being able to hear some other great youth communicators."

 "It's like Proverbs 27:17 lived out in the youth speaker universe!"


Thursday, February 27, 2014

ALL NEW Cohort PRO Registration NOW OPEN [Advanced Speaker's Only]

Registration is now open for Cohort PRO 2014/2015! Applicants must be a previous year's COHORT Alumni OR a "Professional Christian Youth Speaker."


The 2014/2015 Cohort PRO communication mastermind group will meet monthly via google+ video chat for ADVANCED communication training, encouragement, coaching and feedback.

Due to the advanced nature of the training and technological limitations, the 2014/2015 Cohort PRO is limited to only 7 participants. Once registration closes, the 7 participants chosen for this advanced communication mastermind group will be notified of acceptance.


Not a Cohort Alumni or Professional Speaker? click here to register for the regular 2014/2015 Cohort

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Publish a #YOUTHMIN PAPERBACK book on Amazon for FREE!

Have you ever dreamed of publishing your own student ministry book? Not only is this possible through Kindle Digital Publishing [See original Kindle How-to Article HERE], but you can also publish your youth ministry work as a bonafide paperback book on (and other online retailers).

Here’s how…

1. Write a youth ministry book manuscript.

You can use a previously digitally published youth ministry manuscript, original student ministry blog article compilation, or write new youth ministry content all together. You have something to say… wisdom to contribute… advice to give… so, say it!

Createspace is an Amazon-owned Print-on-Demand publisher. This means that when someone orders your book on the website, they immediately print a copy and ship it to them. You never have to handle inventory or pre-purchase books to resell them. They have an incredibly simple registration process.

3. Go through the Createspace step-by-step book publishing process.
This includes either purchasing your own ISBN number (if you want to show your own publishing company) or Createspace will assign you one for free. I simply chose to have them assign me one for free.

4. Format your manuscript per the Createspace guidelines.
Depending on the size of the paperback book that you wish to publish, you can download Word templates for each size. Just copy and paste your manuscript into the Createspace template and… WALLAH! You now have a correctly formatted book.

5. Design a cover.
You can either pay to have a front and back cover designed for you, or you can use their cover creator tool and design your own cover for free. I took the professionally-designed cover I already had for the Kindle version of my book and tweaked it to fit the Createspace guidelines.

6. Upload your formatted manuscript PDF and cover image.
Once uploaded, it takes 12-18 hours for Createspace to approve your manuscript and cover. They will not copy-edit your manuscript, they are simply approving the FORMATTING of the content.

7. Createspace with either approve your formatting, or tell you what changes you need to make.
I only had to update my manuscript once; however, it took me three iterations to get the cover image approved according to their guidelines.

8. Order a proof copy.
Once your formatting is approved, you can either view a digital proof of your work (for free), or pay $2.15 (plus shipping) for them to send a paperback proof to you for your final approval. It is worth doing both. It helps to see the final product and hold it in your hands to ensure that everything looks good. It takes less than a week to get your proof in your hands (or you can pay for expedited shipping).

9. Choose distribution channels.
While you are awaiting the arrival of your paperback proof, you can choose to make your paperback available on:
-The Createspace store (they will automatically create your own store for you)
-Other online retailers (like Barnes & Noble bookesellers).
-Libraries and academic institutions
-Certified independent book resellers

10. Make final corrections.
After reviewing your proof (and having someone else review it as well), be sure to make final corrections for typos, grammar and formatting. Upload your updated content.

11. Approve final proof.
Once you are happy with your final manuscript, you can approve your final proof. Doing so will make your paperback book instantly available in the CreateSpace store for purchase. Your book should show up on within 48 hours.

After I approved the final proof, Amazon automatically recognized and synced both pages (the existing Kindle page and new Createspace Paperback page) for my book on their website (it took about 4 days for this process to be completed).

MY FINAL COST TO PUBLISH THROUGH CREATESPACE:  $2.15 (+ shipping). It would have been free (had I only chosen a digital proof), but I wanted to hold the proof in my hands and physically see the quality of the product they would be producing. It is just as high of quality as going through a traditional publisher.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top 14 Teambuilders: #11 - Sherpa Walk

#11 on the list of the Top 14 Teambuilders of 2014 is a trust-building exercise called the Sherpa Walk.

Check it out below...


To move a blindfolded group from point “A” to point “B” led by a sighted member of the group who cannot talk OR do the activity in pairs where one partner is blindfolded and the other partner can see, but not talk.

-A clean blindfold for each member of the group.

1. Blind fold all team members.

2. One member of the group is not blindfolded, but cannot talk.

3. All other members of the group can talk, but they cannot see.

4. After group arrives at point “B” allow them to take off blindfolds and walk them back through the course.

1. Once all members are blindfolded, tell them that no one will make fun of them or make them look foolish.

2. Explain that one member of the group can see but cannot talk.

3. Tell them that it is up to the group to go from point “A” to point “B”.

4. Instruct the group that you will be walking with them providing spotting as they move along.

Sherpa Walk Questions
1. Did you establish an effective communication system? Describe it. Who created it?

2. Who was the leader, really?

3. Did you trust each other, the leader?

4. How did you take care of each other?

5. Explain – “safety in numbers”.

6. Which initiative was more frustrating?

7. Did you help the group or “blindly” follow?

8. What other communication systems could the group have used?

9. Which basic type of communication was used?

10. How was danger signaled?

Sherpa Walk Exercise
1. How did you feel about dual leadership roles?

2. What attention did your leaders give you?

3. What responsibility did the people at the end feel?

4. Did you experience boredom? If so, how did you respond to it? 

5. How did you feel about being the only sighted one?

6. Were there other means of communicating with the group?

7. Who did you trust for the information to be successful?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

YSC is Proud to Partner with The Academy of Preachers

Youth Speaker's Coach is proud to announce a brand-new partnership with The Academy of Preachers.

See the announcement on their website.

We look forward to partnering together for the equipping of young preachers for the sake of the Kingdom through hosting future preaching festivals, providing preaching mentors and coaching young preachers.